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The Amazing Ab Burner: An Ab Roller To Ignite Your Stomach Fat

The Top Fit Ab Burner is a double ab roller wheel system that boasts a 2 wheel mechanism. This system supports body weights with high BMIs easily and comfortably. It also allows you to roll the wheel comfortably forward and at different angles. Its broad base helps to prevent you from slippage and subsequent injuries that might result from this. The Ab Burner wheels are made of high quality polypropylene material allowing the product to last a long time and perform at a high level.

This high-performing ab roller also provides you with steel handles allowing for easy rolling and stability. Each handle is covered with a special thermoplastic material to enhance your comfort and ease of use. The handle lengths easily accommodate multiple hand sizes and grips.

The Ab Burner is designed to allow for optimal abdominal fat burning. Its light weight directly results from the materials used in its production, and helps you to rapidly roll the wheel in multiple directions and angles. With rapid rolling and changes in direction, the fat burning process is optimally triggered and is directly focused on the abdominal core.

This amazing ab roller comes with a FREE Insider’s Guide to The 7 Super Foods that shrink abdominal fat. The foods presented in this program will no doubt surprise you. These are actually foods that are easily accessible and known to most people. There are also some *Special* Bonuses that come with the Ab Burner. These will help you achieve results faster and easier by enhancing the abdominal fat burning process.


Brand Top Fit (The Ab Burner)
Color Orange, Gray
Weight 1.4 Pounds
Handle type Steel with polypropylene encasement
Wheel diameter 18 cm
Wheel mechanism Double wheel


Great buy! Love the Wheel!

Review by - Cherry Baker

My trainer put ab rollout exercises on my training plan, so I jumped on Amazon to grab something. The Wacces caught my eye since the price was great and it qualified for Prime Shipping. The product was packaged well and was easy to put together. It has stood up to my abuse thus far. I throw it in my gym bag and use it the gym, and my gym bag gets thrown around. The wheel is smooth and durable and works great for what I need.

Best of the Best!!

Review by - Anurag Tyagi

The Speed Burner Speed Rope is a superior speed jump rope that gives you high performance at an affordable cost. The Speed Burner provides you several great features and additional benefits that you won’t find with other ropes available today.

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